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Commuting doesn’t need to be overly simple, nor does it need to be overly complicated. The DANU™ is a perfect example of a balance of both

those things.

The magnetic Fidlock SNAP buckle offers speed and convenience when

locking and unlocking the chin strap, making the operation an easy onehanded

action. 10 vents and internal air channels keep things cool while

on the move. Adjustable pads with an integrated visor provide comfort

and added sun protection while the Dial Fit System keeps the DANU™ in


To aid in visibility, the DANU™ Reflective is available with an upgraded

ABS and polycarbonate shell embedded with highly reflective crystals.

The result is a helmet that is more visible from all angles, in day or night

riding conditions

Product Details


BIO-DOME Construction

FidLock Snap Buckle

Integrated air flow system featuring 10 vents

TOTAL REFLECT Technology (Reflective Version ONLY)

100% Recycled expanded polystyrene material

ABS/PC Shell

Dial Fit System

In Mold Construction

Integrated visor

Water Based Coating


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