WTB Vigilante TCS 2017


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Born out of a need for unwavering traction in every corner of the world, the Vigilante is our premier aggressive trail & enduro tire. The square-lugged, open-tread pattern offers stability through wet or dry, while the prominent outer knobs grip at lean angles like nobody’s business. Ample spacing ensures it flings mud, while also allowing the knobs to bite into loose, chunky terrain. The TCS Tough/High Grip model is the tire of choice for our entire team of ripping enduro athletes who require a steadfast tire that won't let them down while chasing podiums.

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: In-store
  • Brand: WTB
  • Category: Bike Tires
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 26" x 2.3
  • ID: 118471398
  • Discipline: Mountain
  • Type: Tubeless


/Wheel Size Level Weight Compound 26" TCS Tough/High Grip

1120g Gravity DNA 26" TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1000g Dual DNA 26" TCS Light/Fast Rolling 786g Dual DNA 26" Comp Tube-Type 893g DNA 27.5" TCS Light/High Grip 900g Gravity DNA 27.5" TCS Tough/High Grip 1140g Gravity DNA 27.5" TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1056g Dual DNA 27.5" TCS Light/Fast Rolling 900g Dual DNA 27.5" Comp Tube-Type 1040g DNA 29" TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1151g Dual DNA 29" TCS Tough/High Grip 1141g Gravity DNA 29" TCS Light/Fast Rolling 900g Dual DNA 29" TCS Light/High Grip 947g Gravity DNA 29" Comp Tube-Type 984g DNA

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